Meadowscaping for Biodiversity
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Healing the Earth through Education:
One Meadow at a Time!

Waltham, Massachusetts-based Meadowscaping for Biodiversity is an outdoor environmental education program for students of all ages. Participants repurpose monocultural turf lawn into meadows—productive, attractive ecosystems gardens with native flowers, shrubs, and grasses—to increase biodiversity, pollinators, and wildlife habitat.

Outdoor Education that Celebrates the Earth!

Even students who think they don't like science or think they can't do well in science will learn that science is fun and a vehicle for bringing them outdoors where they can explore nature.

With an unique 8-unit curriculum and fun, engaging activities, we educate citizen scientists and stewards of the Earth to try to resolve challenges to the environment and human society.

Hardy, Drought-Tolerant Native Plants

Native plants are called native because those plants were in this area before Europeans brought other plants here. Native insects evolved with native plants and can subsist only on those specific native flowers, grasses, shrubs, and trees.


WALTHAM YMCA Partnership

New Y Environmental Entrepreneurship Program 2017

Cultivating Education: WALTHAM YMCA Meadow Club, Summer 2016


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National Wildlife Habitat Certification!

In October 2015, the meadow received National Wildlife Federation Wildlife Habitat Certification!